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Haas Petit Haashtray Haas Petit Haashtray

Haas Petit Haashtray

Haas Petit Haashtray


The L'OBJET Haas Brothers collection is a meeting of imeginative minds and skilled hands. Inspired by the otherworldly landscape of Joshua Tree, Los Angeles-based artist Simon and Nikolai Haas worked in closed collaboration with the master craftsmen at L'OBJET to create a collection that spans tableware, home decor, textiles and fragrance. Together, they have brought to life a family of characterful creatures with the highest quality of finish and function. There are objects to be cherished. In using them, everyday moments become memorable; the ordinary becomes extraordinary. 

Return to the sumptuous fantasy world with the second chapter of L'OBJET Haas Brothers, where new creatures await. This hand-crafted porcelain ashtray is delicately accented with 24K gold.